Adventures are an incredible way to capture an audience’s imagination. They focus attention on your brand whilst expedition teams battle across hostile terrain or scale death-defying peaks.

Since our formation in 1996 Max Adventure have raised the profile of hundreds of brands, by creating unique promotional campaigns through expeditions and world record attempts.

From start-up companies to Olympic promotions and a multi-national corporation embarking on the most expensive advertiser-funded programme to date in the UK - Our experience means we know what you require and can assist with every aspect.

Whether your campaign is aimed at an enthusiast group within the UK or a global audience, we can create, plan, train, equip, lead, support, film and share your adventure.

TV & Film Support Services



A creative, carefully planned and well-promoted adventure marketing campaign is a fantastic way to get the media and public talking about your brand.

Max Adventure are expedition specialists with experience in creating and delivering regional, national and global marketing campaigns of the highest standards.

Even if you consider your brand or product unrelated to the world of adventure, simply let us know your objectives and we’ll work with you to create a comprehensive proposal.


Alternatively, you may already have a concept in place - in which case you can rely on our extensive experience planning and supporting high profile campaigns, working with celebrities, production companies and multi-million pound budgets.


We know that expeditions don’t necessarily go as planned. Contingencies must be drawn up long before the team sets out; therefore we always undertake a detailed reconnaissance.

This serves to highlight safe routes, emergency procedures and back-up, in-country support and paperwork, accommodation, communications and areas of particular interest.

It’s more than route planning too. We advise on clothing, vehicles, communication equipment and even the right team members to work with you. All of which is supported by a detailed Risk Assessment satisfying UK Health & Safety requirements - Reconnaissance time is never wasted time (or money).

Stuck on one of many river crossings. The road to Tsetserleg, Mo


Whether you’re treating employees and clients, joining the adventure yourself, or inviting a celebrity to increase the profile of the campaign, we will train and equip your entire team to the highest standards.

From extreme environment operations and first aid training, to selecting the correct tyres or socks, Max Adventure can literally cover it all.


We have operated in the harshest environments of over 100 countries around the world, from the North Pole to Mount Everest and everything in between.

No matter which remote part of the planet, we have a clear understanding of the environment you’ll be operating in and will equip you accordingly. We know what works where!


Before setting off, Max Adventure will specify and provide clothing, vehicles, communication equipment and even the right team members to work with you. All of which is supported by a detailed Risk Assessment satisfying UK Health & Safety requirements.

However, there’s no point having the right gear and no idea how to use it. Therefore you’ll be trained to operate all the equipment we’ll be taking, particularly survival and communications kit



Our team can undertake the entire adventure on behalf of you or your client, or provide full support if you wish to join us. Either way, we’ll select the perfect professional crew to ensure your team can focus on what they do best:

  • Expedition Leaders
  • Local English-speaking Guides
  • Drivers
  • Mechanics
  • Safety & Security Experts
  • Medics
  • Camera Crew
  • Photographers


Since 1996, we have planned, trained, equipped, supported and led teams on expeditions throughout the world. From the freezing wastes of the high Arctic and thin air of the Himalayas, to the world’s most stifling Jungles and inhospitable Deserts. If you plan to drive, ride, climb, ski, walk, or cycle, to any remote part of the world, we are the people you need to speak to.

Max Adventure specialise in brand awareness through expeditions and world record attempts, having worked alongside some of the most high-profile companies on expeditions and adventures to promote their brands.

Nick tracking


Our professional crew of film-makers and photographers are experienced adventurers, having operated in the harshest locations around the world. They understand the best equipment for each environment ensuring we provide high-quality, broadcast-ready footage regardless of the conditions.


We can create marketing content for the web, print media, television and radio. All of which can be supported by personal appearances, demonstrations and presentations.

State-of-the-art communications technology allows us to stream live video footage and upload high quality images to bespoke websites within minutes of them being taken. This means your adventure can be followed live by a receptive audience and promoted across all forms of social media in real-time.