Can I use someone else’s car on the adventure?
Yes you can, as long as you are legally licensed and insured to drive it.

Why can we only take a maximum of 4 drivers in each car?
Keeping the weight of your vehicle down is key to successfully negotiating the off road routes. Adding an additional driver not only adds their personal weight, but that of their clothing & equipment, plus extra water, food and tents. Not only this, but the room inside all but the largest 4×4 vehicles is quite limited and it just wouldn’t be a comfortable experience for them.

We would recommend the following team numbers…

Small 4x4:
No more than 2 drivers
Suzuki Jimny, RAV4 (3-door) Terrano (3-door) etc

Medium 4x4:
No more than 3 drivers
Freelander 1, Honda CRV, RAV4 (5 door) etc

Large 4x4:
No more than 4 drivers
Land Cruiser, Patrol, Shogun, Discovery, Defender etc

Can I undertake the adventure alone?
Unfortunately not. If you have problems, the days may be long and we have found it is too much driving for just one person. It is much better to have at least one other person to share time behind the wheel to ensure your own safety and that of the team and other road users.

There will also be a lot of farm gates to negotiate as well as tight spots that will require your co-driver to see you through.

Where will we be sleeping?
Accommodation will be as follows…

Thursday night
The support crew will be staying at the Premier Inn Peterbrough (Hampton) and you are welcome to join us there. Alternatively you can book another hotel near to the rendezvous point at The Admiral Wells pub in the village of Holme, just south of Peterborough.

Friday night
We will be camping near Castleton in the Peak District. You will have access to the toilet and shower facilities.

Saturday night
We will be ‘wild’ camping outside the Tan Hill Inn, the UK’s highest pub. Although limited in facilities you’ll have access to their toilets and shower, as well as keeping warm inside the pub during the evening.

Are there any rest days on the adventure?
There are no rest days.

What skills do the support crew have on the adventure?

Expedition Leader
25 years experience of operating vehicles in the most extreme conditions found on earth. From -60C Siberia to +50C of the Taklamakan Desert, through dense jungles and up to 18,500 feet above sea level high in the Himalayas.

Expedition Mechanic
Military vehicle mechanic, highly skilled in ‘Battle Damage Repairs’ when operating far from help and under extreme pressure.

Media specialist
Freelance filmmaker & photographer with expedition experience

What is the ratio of support crew to teams taking part?
We aim for 1 support vehicle and 2 support crew for every 6 teams taking part in the expedition.

Do we drive in a convoy or travel independently?
Each team will be provided with a copy of the route that they can use to navigate from on their smartphone. In order to do this it simply involves downloading a copy of the Ordnance Survey OS maps App onto your smartphone. You can opt to subscribe for 1 month for £6.99 or for the whole year for £34.99.

As modern smartphones are GPS enabled, this means you won’t be using up any of your mobile data and will provide accurate route and location information even when you are far from a mobile phone signal.

On the tarmac sections, this will allow teams to travel independently, with the support crew following up the rear to recover anyone who has problems. If teams wish to stay close to the support vehicles though, that will be fine.

For the off road sections though we can stay closer together, but green lane enthusiasts groups prefer that no more than 6 vehicles travel together in a group, so we may need to spread out.

Why is the first night’s hotel not included in the entry fee?
We had considered including it in the entry fee, but for some unknown reason the Premier Inn hotel chain increase the cost of each room by a staggering 70% when booking as a group, compared to them being booked individually.