Max Adventure recreated Sir Stirling Moss’ 1952 challenge of visiting 15 countries of Europe in less than 5 days

In preparation for an attempt at beating the record for the fastest drive from London to Cape Town, the Max Adventure team set off on a ‘ gentle’ practise run around Europe. Their warm up was to recreate the 1952 endurance drive by their Patron, Sir Stirling Moss OBE. Along with 3 of his racing chums, Stirling had been challenged to visit 15 countries of Europe in less than 5 days to promote the launch of the new model Humber Super Snipe.

Stirling’s team didn’t just achieve the challenge, they obliterated it, completing the 3,200 miles of European winter driving in 1 minute under 90 hours (3 days 18 hours). Not wanting to be seen as upstaging their Patron, the Max Adventure team aimed to match his time by following the same route along 1950’s roads, so no motorways apart from in Germany. Even with the advantage of open borders between countries, vast bridges having replaced ferries and four wheel drive to cope with the snow-covered Alpine passes, the team found themselves behind Stirling’s schedule within just a few hours of setting off! Unable to match his blistering pace, the team had to resort to modern motorways in order to keep to the tight schedule.

After 90 hours they too crossed the finish line at the Portuguese border, exhausted and in total awe of their Patron’s ability to maintain such high speeds on such tight and twisty roads. The prize for their efforts, tea with the great man himself at a sun drenched location in the south of Portugal.